2014/15 SEASON



You will need to retrieve your Login information (your Username and Password) from your records or from your Membership Confirmation email from the previous season.



Go to the Lone Star Region website: www.LSVOLLEYBALL.ORG. Choose Registration from the top menu prompts and you will be taken to the Online USAV Region Membership Registration instructions. Scroll down to the bottom of the instructions and choose the first link:   “I have previously registered online as a Member of the Lone Star Region and I want to register for the 2014-15 season.   This will take you to the to USA Volleyball – Website Login where you will use your Login information to enter your record or you will use the Forgot Password option to obtain your Login information.   If you are using your Login for the first time, you will be prompted by the system to Change Your Password.  If so,simply follow the online instructions.


Once you’ve successfully logged into your record, you will be taken to the Member’s Only Area of your record.   The Member’s Area on the left side of the screen offers choices for you to monitor and make changes to your record.   If you wish to change your Login information, do this prior to renewal of your record by choosing Change Username or Password.




Choose Renew Online from the Member’s Area or click from the top of the page TO APPLY FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE CLICK HERE.


Screen #1 – Membership Information

Check your personal information for accuracy and fill in any empty fields.   Fields marked with an * are required fields.

- Junior Participants will need to choose their Current Grade each season from the drop down menu at the bottom right side of the page.

-    Adult Participants will need to choose their Level Of Play each season from the drop down menu at the bottom right side of the page.

-    Both Junior and Adult Participants will need to select and option from the Race/Ethnicity drop down menu at the bottom left side of the page.

Once all updating has been accomplished, click Continue to proceed to the next screen.


Screen #2 – Membership Information – Membership Options

- Junior Participants

A club affiliation must be chosen from the Club drop down menu (HOUSTON JUNIORS) on the left side of the screen.   Bypassing this field will prohibit your club from finalizing your Membership with the Region Office and participation in practices and/or tournaments will be prohibited. Complete Screen #2 by updating the Parent/Guardian information and choosing Submit to advance to Screen #3.



Screen #3 – Membership Information – Confirm

This is the final screen to confirm all application information.   If any information was incorrectly entered, the Edit button may used to make changes.


The Correspondence Information checkboxes are automatically selected, therefore, if you wish NOT to receive communications those boxes must be unchecked.


-    Open and READ the USAV Waiver & Release of Liability prior to checking the box that confirms agreement to the terms.

-    Open and READ the Participant Code of Conduct prior to checking the box that confirms agreement to the terms.

-    Read the Use Agreement prior to checking the box that confirms agreement to the terms.   By checking this Agreement, you understand that you’ve agreed to remain with your club through the entire season. For players, the season begins once they have stepped on a court in a sanction tournament event.


For verification purposes, you must enter a driver’s license or State ID number.   PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROCESS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE INDIVIDUAL WHO IS RENEWING THE MEMBERSHIP (Parent/Guardian for Junior Participant).   THE DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBER SERVES AS A DIGITAL SIGNATURE.   Once all information is correct, go to the bottom of the page and click the Confirm button.   The system will ask you, “Are you sure you wish to submit your application?” – Choose OK.


USAV will confirm your application via email.


Screen #4 – Membership Application Confirmation

-  Screen print this final Screen for your records as it contains a record of your Login information.

-  Print the Code of Conduct to keep with your records.

-  Print any other documents the system prompts for and give to your Club Director.


Junior Participants

You can make payment online with a debit or a credit card. Please pay for your registration. Once you have paid for your registration Houston Juniors will have your daughter’s name under our club registration for the 2014/2015 season. Your daughter cannot practice or play in a tournament until this process has taken place.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate email me.


Thank you!