Covid Updates


In light of the CDC’s updated statements on face coverings for people who are fully vaccinated, (click hereThe FAST Complex and Houston Juniors VBC have chosen to revise our policies for our athletes, coaches, and parents while they are in our training facility.

FAST Complex Face Covering Policy:

Effective immediately face coverings will be optional at all trainings and/or lessons at the FAST Complex for all players, coaches, and spectators who are currently vaccinated.

Though we have revised our face covering policy; we still highly encourage the wearing of face coverings for all of those who have not received a COVID-19 vaccination, as well as for those who have any underlying health issues or may be immune-compromised.

We still ask that if you are exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough, chills, difficulty breathing, congestion, muscle aches), please do not enter the facility in order to protect the health of others.

Upcoming Tournaments:

All Houston Junior VBC teams, coaches, and parents will continue to abide by the rules set by each tournament we attend.