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at Houston Juniors and FAST Complex

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  • F.A.S.T. Complex

    F.A.S.T. Complex provides a safe environment for athletes, families, and individuals who understand the value of team, hard work and good sportsmanship. F.A.S.T. Complex develops athletes to be the best they can be with the talents they've been given.

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  • Houston Juniors Volleyball Club

    Houston Juniors has a very clear set of objectives and goals that are designed to benefit the individual as well as the team and organization. Organizers and coaches within Houston Juniors emphasize the fundamentals of volleyball, the development of positive attitudes, the importance of preparation for top level competition, teamwork, and the value of volleyball as a sport.

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  • Tournaments

    F.A.S.T Complex is 52,000 square foot facility with 8 volleyball courts, pro shop and concession stand. We would love to have your teams participate in our tournaments for the 2014/2015 club season. Any question about F.A.S.T Complex Tournaments, Please contact Jeff Ham.

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