Stephanie Rhodes



Coach Bio

Stephanie Rhodes has been a Club Director for 20 years; prior to that she was an Instructional Specialist in Cy-Fair ISD, and prior to teaching she used her business degree in the banking industry. She LOVES watching girls evolve playing the sport of volleyball. Part of what she does is to make sure everyone understands Houston Juniors’ expectations. Her expectation is for all players to be a better volleyball player walking out of our gym than they were when they first walked into our gym. Houston Juniors trains elite athletes to play at the highest level, but Mrs. Rhodes especially takes pride in the fact that EVERY athlete that walks in our doors is trained and pushed to be the best they can be. After each season we (Houston Juniors) will evaluate what we do to ensure we are providing the best volleyball program for our athletes. Mrs. Rhodes feels blessed to do what she does and does not take her job for granted. She has worked very hard with her staff and athletes to make Houston Juniors one of the top 25 clubs in the country. Thank you to those of you that are a part of our family, and we welcome anyone that would love to become a part of Houston Juniors.